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Author:Barry Kavanagh and Diane K. Slattery

For all surveying courses in Construction Management, Construction Science,  Construction Technology, Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, Survey Engineering, Resources Engineering and Technology programs.


The complete, up-to-date guide to modern surveying for construction and engineering — now with additional review coverage of all relevant math.


Known for its state-of-the-art coverage and clear, concise approach, Surveying with Construction Applications, Eighth Edition covers the latest advances and foundational principles of surveying. Covering both principles and a wide range of contemporary applications, it is well-suited to Fundamentals courses, Applications courses, or both. Revisions focus on recent improvements in instrumentation technology, field data capture, and data processing, describing how these change the way surveyors interact with construction professionals and engineers. The authors emphasize sound measurement technique and accurate documentation throughout. To overcome the limited math skills brought by many new students, they have added an easy-to-read math review chapter, preparing students for all relevant construction layout computations.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This book will help surveyors master all the modern skills, techniques, and technologies they need to work effectively with construction professionals and engineers:

  • Thoroughly presents all the general surveying principles and techniques students need: Begins with eleven chapters walking through surveying fundamentals, distance measurement, computations, satellite positioning, geomatics, and much more — including a brand-new math review chapter for students with limited math background
  • Links principles and techniques to contemporary applications in the construction of most civil projects: Addresses a wide range of surveying applications, from highways and streets to pipelines, tunnels, bridges, culverts, and buildings
  • Provides extensive hands-on practice, strong pedagogy, and valuable professional reference resources: Includes updated laboratory exercises, efficient features for review, useful reference appendices, up-to-date web links, and more

Table of Contents


1. Surveying Fundamentals

2. Mathematics Review

3. Distance Measurement

4. Introduction to Total stations and Theodolites

5. Total Station Operations

6. Traverse Surveys and Computations

7. Satellite Positioning

8. An Introduction to Geomatics

9. Horizontal Control Surveys



10. Machine Guidance and Control

11. Highway Curves

12. Highway Construction Surveys

13. Municipal Street Construction Surveys

14. Pipeline and Tunnel Construction Surveys

15. Culvert and Bridge Construction Surveys

16. Building Construction Surveys

17. Quantity and Final Surveys


Appendix A: Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry Review

Appendix B: Glossary

Appendix C: Typical Field Projects

Appendix D: Answers to Selected Problems

Appendix E: Illustrations of Machine Guidance and Control Equipment; and Various Types of Data-capture Images


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