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Test Bank for Concepts of Human Physiology fifth Edition By Stanfield

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Cindy Stanfield’s characteristic clear and precise writing style in Principles of Human Physiology is associated by an outstanding art program that is designed to maximize pupil learning and retention. The text integrates clinical contacts and stimulating critical pondering questions in a definite and engaging visual presentation which makes it easy for students to learn, understand, and apply key physiological processes. The new Fifth Edition includes Health Facts and Functional Facts margin icons and a revitalized art program that focuses students’ attention on the main concepts. Emphasis on Diabetes boxes illustrate systems integration and spotlight the important role of physiology in understanding this disease.

Table of Contents

1 . Introduction to Physiology
2. The Cell: Framework and Function
3. Cellular Metabolism
4. Cell Membrane layer Transport
5. Chemical Messengers
6. The Endocrine System: Endocrine Glands and Hormone Actions
7. Nerve Cellular material and Electrical Signaling
eight. Synaptic Transmission and Nerve organs Integration
9. The Stressed System: Central Nervous System
10. The Nervous System: Sensory Systems
11. The Nervous System: Autonomic and Motor Systems
12. Muscle mass Physiology
13. The Heart System: Cardiac Function
13. The Cardiovascular System: Blood Ships, Blood Flow, and Blood Pressure
15. The Cardiovascular System: Bloodstream
16. The Breathing System: Pulmonary Ventilation
seventeen. The Respiratory System: Gas Exchange and the Regulation of Breathing
18. The Urinary System: Renal Function
19. The Urinary System: Liquid and Electrolyte Stability
20. The Gastrointestinal System
twenty-one. The Endocrine System: Legislation of Energy Metabolism and Growth
22. The Reproductive System
23. The Defense System
24. Diabetes Mellitus

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