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Theory and Application. Develop the skills youll need on the jobfrom organizing patient care and motivating staff to managing conflict and working collaborativelywith this new edition of the 1 selling book for the course. The authors provide a concise, user-friendly synthesis of application and theory and an unique concentrate on critical thinking, problem resolving, and decision making. More than 240 case studies are drawn from a variety of health care settings, including 15-25 NEW cases that concentrate on the new nurse or first-level manager

Table of Contents

Unit 1: A fresh Approach To Leadership and Management Chapter 1: Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Crucial Thinking: Requisites for Successful Leadership and Management

Chapter 2: Summary of Management and Management Decision Making

Chapter 3: Developing Management

Unit 2: Foundation For Effective Management and Management Chapter 4: Ethics, Law, and Advocation

Chapter 5: Legal and Legislative Problems

Chapter six: Patient, Subordinate, and Professional Advocacy

Unit 3: Tasks and Functions in Planning Chapter 7: The Organizing Hierarchy and Strategic Planning

Chapter 8: Planned Change

Chapter 9: Time Supervision

Chapter 10: Fiscal Preparing

Chapter 11: Career Expansion

Unit 4: Roles and Functions in Arranging

Chapter-12: Organizational Structure

Chapter 13: Understanding Organizational, Political, and Personal Power

Chapter 16: Organizing Patient Care

Device 5: Roles and Features in Staffing Chapter 15: Preliminary Staffing Functions: Employee Recruitment, Selection, Placement, and Indoctrination

Chapter 16: Conference Staff Socialization and Educational Needs for Team Setting up

Chapter 17: Staffing Requirements and Scheduling Policies

Device 6: Roles and Operates in Directing Chapter 18: Creating a Motivating Climate

Chapter 19: Organizational, social, and Group Connection

Chapter 20: Delegation

Chapter twenty-one: Managing Conflict

Chapter 22: Understanding Collective Bargaining, Unionization, and Employment Laws

Part 23: Quality Control

Part 24: Performance Evaluation

Part 25: Problem Employees: Guideline Breakers, Marginal

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Paperback: 624 pages
Publisher: LWW; 8 edition (February 20, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1451192819
ISBN-13: 9781451192810
Product Dimensions: 1 x 7 x 9. eight inches
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