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Basics of Cost Accounting provides a direct, realistic, and efficient way to learn cost accounting, integrated with new technology learning tools. Fundamentals is short (approximately 700 pages) rendering it easy to hide in one session. The authors have retained the text concise by focusing on the key concepts students need to master. Your decision opening vignettes and Business Application bins show realistic applications of these concepts throughout. All chapters conclude with a Debrief that links the issues in the chapter to the decision problem faced by the supervisor in the opening vignette. Comprehensive end-of-chapter material provides students with all the practice they have to fully learn each concept. McGraw-Hill Connect Accounting an electronic teaching and learning platform forhomework finalization and review that helps improve student performance over avariety of critical outcomes while aiding instructor grading and assessmentefficiency.

Housed within Connect, SmartBook is an adaptivestudy tool that helps identify specific subject areas and learning objectivesindividual students need to study. As students read, SmartBook assesscomprehension and effectively highlights where they need to focus more. Theresult is that students are more engaged with course content, can betterprioritize their time, and come to class ready to participate. End-of-Chapter Material helpsyou apply the concepts in accounting and, in more in depth material, analyze the information to form business decisions. Assignable materialincludes exercises, problems and test bank materials. Based on yourinstructor settings, you can receive instant feedback on your work either whileworking on an assignment or after the assignment is published for a grade.

Desk of Contents:

Chapter 1: Cost Accounting: Information for Decision Making

Chapter 2: Cost Concepts and Habit

Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Chapter 4: Fundamentals of Cost Evaluation for Decision Making

Part 5: Cost Estimation

Chapter 6: Fundamentals of Item and Service Costing

Part 7: Job Costing

Part 8: Process Costing

Part 9: Activity-Based Costing

Chapter 10: Fundamentals of Price Management

Chapter 11: Services Department and Joint Expense Allowance

Chapter 12: Basic principles of Management Control Systems

Chapter 13: Planning and Budgeting

Chapter 14: Business Unit Performance Measurement

Chapter 15: Transfer Pricing

Section 16: Fundamentals of Difference Analysis

Chapter 17: Added Topics in Variance Evaluation

Chapter 18: Performance Dimension to back up Business Strategy

Appendix: Capital Investment Decisions: A great Overview

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